Saturday October 25, 2014
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How to make business connections as an introvert!


Imagine this scenario… Your name has been ticked on the register at the door and a badge has been slapped on your jacket ready to announce to the room who you are and how exactly how you can be of use to anyone. Having been directed to the table of coffee and croissants you automatically walk over and help yourself, only realizing afterwards that you don’t have enough limbs to carry your coffee, croissant AND bag whilst still being able to do the obligatory shaking of hands with everyone you ... Read More »

Boundaries – Who Needs them – YOU Do!

Business Woman With a Phone and Coffee

If you are like most women I know, sometimes you are not sure where your work ends and your personal time starts, if at all. And then if you have a partner, family and other commitments, life can seem to be one amorphous lump of amorphous-ness! Phew – even I got tired writing that sentence! At times it can seem as if our calendar is controlling us, even though we are the person that adds the appointments to it. Bizarrely, it can feel as if we are addicted to this ... Read More »

Why big brands fiercely protect their brand colours and you should too!


Can you name the maker of the red soled shoes? Or the company who wraps their chocolates in purple? Or maybe you have received a gift in a robin egg blue box? What these and other major brands have been able to achieve is brand recognition simply through their brand colour. Imagine if your brand was instantly recognisable through colour alone. Let’s take a look at three major brands who are instantly recognisable simply by their business brand colour. Cadbury When we think of Cadbury, what is the colour that ... Read More »

Is it time your business life went on a diet?

apple bigstock-Everything-Is-About-Balance-3463918

Do you know someone who is naturally slim? Do you find it annoying that it seems no matter what they eat they don’t put on any weight? I know quite a few people like that but I’m not one of them. I have to watch what I eat and consistently exercise to maintain my weight, which at the moment is nowhere near I where I want it to be! Since starting my own business the pounds have slowly crept on. The reasons are obvious enough, what with a change in ... Read More »

What has ‘Happiness’ got to do with ROI?

ROI on happiness

Say the word “happiness” and half the room will cringe and glaze over at the prospect of another mumbo-jumbo self-help talk. The fact is “happiness” just doesn’t cut it for many business people, especially when times are tough and the focus is well and truly on the bottom line. But what if I told you that happiness is the greatest source of competitive advantage in our experience economy? What if I told you that most businesses have their paradigm of success the wrong way around? That the common belief of ... Read More »

The heaven and hell of time management


Do you ever get the feeling that you’ve got an angel on one shoulder and a demon on the other? One of them is the ‘good’ little angel, encouraging you to do the right thing and keep everything in perspective. The other is the ‘bad’ little demon, pushing you to go further, work harder and say ‘yes’ to more people more often. It’s a difficult phenomena that afflicts two different kinds of people. Cartoon characters, and self-employed women! I’m sure it affects men as well – but we women know ... Read More »

What Roles Do You Play in Your Business?


Chances are when you had a job, you had a job description. They are designed to clearly outline your role, your objectives, what your contribution to the organization is, your responsibilities and your tasks. In your own business, you are working, you have a job. Do you have a job description? Or do you just do it all? (And chances are, get paid less) Your Job In your job, wearing many hats, you deal with whatever comes up; whether you have expertise in it or not and you just put ... Read More »

5 great ways to save an unproductive day

How to save an unproductive day

We all have days when we just don’t seem to be getting anywhere. It’s hard to focus, everything seems frustrating, and we don’t have the drive or motivation to tackle that huge to-do list. If you’re not careful, the whole day can vanish without you feeling as though you’ve achieved anything at all. Perhaps worst of all, those days can happen when you’ve a huge to-do list and are already under lots of pressure. If that happens to you, here are some practical ways to break the deadlock and save ... Read More »

8 easy improvements you can make on your website


This is a co-written post. I asked my Technical Director, JP, to help me write this article – because as a non-designer, he can suggest practical tips which don’t take long to implement from a technical perspective! Here’s what he says: 1. Social sharing buttons There are two ways for you to use social media links on your website. The first is to place links that will take you to the websites Facebook page or twitter page. The second is to have social sharing buttons. Social sharing buttons are the ... Read More »

Does your business need a compass?

core business values

Sometimes when we are running a micro business we don’t realise that creating a strong strategy is just as important for us as it is for big business.  Businesses grow and develop in many different ways.  Some business owners are super organised and spend 3 months planning their business, producing a 25 page business plan plus executive summary, 15 page marketing plan and 10 pages of financial documents; others launch their business without really thinking about where the money is going to come from or how they are going to ... Read More »

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